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Green Tech

We want to effectively contribute to reducing the footprint of the web in eco-designing our online services

Indeed, webpages load has been multiplied by 115 within 20 years (1995-2015) and this is not legitimate. Items orders on e-business websites for instance are slower to proceed than they used to be. By an eco-design approach, we pursue to reduce the needed physical infrastructure required for the data exchange and processing.

eco-responsible servers

A choice of server equipment and adapted technologies

Thus, programming eco-design allows us to lower the number of our servers, and their cooling. That is why we choosed OVH: since 2003, OVH has initiated a process of power consumption reduction of their data centers, particularly by conceiving an exclusive coolant liquid system for their servers. Since 2010, the new data centers of OVH.com have been unconditoned. We opted for a choose of computer equipments and suitable technologies, supported by development good practices.

OVH a green-tech host

Winning at all levels

Our aim is the economical, environmental and maintenance cost reduction: simplification is saving at all levels. Ours solutions are simpler, more maintainable, lighter, more reliable, more stable and cheaper.

a better software

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